The relationship between man and technology is in a state of change. In the future, machines could be part of the human body. Nanobots repair damages in our body and additional limbs could be artificially grown. What could the future’s trendy human body look like? The series of futuristic body-shaping paintings examines the future of the human body in the age of artificial intelligence. What could it mean if only the imagination is the limit? The catalog is imaginative, surrealistic, and plays with visions. Opportunities created by technological advances could also bring about the organic transformation of the human body and thus replace synthetic “add-ons”.

MY MOTHER WAS A BIO HACKER, acrylic on canvas 100 x 81cm
( not for sale)

Visual artist Tanja Nyo (1969) has studied the human body, and the way it moves in many of her works. In the series “We Are the Bio Robots” Nyo’s abstract paintings also reflect on the changes in body aesthetics and society: “The role of an artist in society is to act as an interpreter and observer. Exploring the future with visual means is a particularly effective angle”.