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Art can explain the world but never makes it ready.

T.Nyo - artist statement

In my art I often observe bodily mind.  I work with mixed media but still tend to trust in oil colors. I vary techniques when it is relevant for the interpretation. I love imperfection in all shapes and it is a cornerstone of my art. I think that roughness opens up new meanings for forms and beauty.

Photography is a random avant-garde side plot in my art, and  when I manage to add some oddities in to my paintings, both the punk and imperfectionism, it’s my style of cooking; my spicy art soup is ready to be served!

Environmental issues are essential in art making. By using less toxic mediums, recycling materials and painting over old pieces I consume less and keep my art more sustainable.


Art has been walking by my side all my life but to be a professional artist took a bit longer journey for me than was initially planned. I started art studies in high school but in my second year I decided to drop out.  Decades later I came to square one and started to study painting in a private art school in Helsinki. Before I graduated as an artist I worked in event organizing field as an event coordinator and a producer for 18 hectic years. During those years I have had a chance to get know and observe culture scene in Finland in many variable ways.

I work in a small cozy studio by the sea in Espoo, Finland.


IG: @tanjanyoistalogo